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Our exclusive and special offer not just for youth and students:
The Luther500 Festival in Wittenberg

The Luther500 Festival is much more than a traditional festival. Yes, there is music and celebration and new friends. But there is also European travel, historical sites, cultural exchange, exploration of ideas, conversation, learning, service to others, and recreation. It were the most exciting International events for Lutherans in the summers of 2011 and 2013, a combination of all the options families, congregations, youth groups and college groups generally have to choose between. Now, because of the Luther500 Festival, you can say yes to it all. There is something for everyone. It’s a bit like Summer Camp meets Youth Gathering meets Music Festival meets University Seminar meets European Vacation meets Mission Trip meets International Ideas Forum. There is a lot of meeting going on!

Gather a group from the churches, church schools, or student's clubs in your area, and send them to The Luther500 Festival. Groups are invited from all over the World.

We are looking for tour operators on all continents to become our official partners for the Luther500 Festivals in the year of the Reformation Jubilee 2017. Again it will be a one week experience, plus we will offer arrangements for additional travels in Germany and Europe. Already in 2015 Group Leader Orientation Trips will, as the name says, give group leaders an orientation about how they can bring a group to the 2017' Festivals.

Take the Luther500 Festival as a basis for your program for youth and student travel. Visit the Festival website for all dates and more details:



Festival on Facebook: www.facebook.com/luther500festival

2013' Promo- and 2011' TV-Videos on youtube: www.youtube.com/luther500festival

Interested in becoming a Festival partner in your country? Please contact Christian Utpatel at utpatel@terra-lu-travel.com












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