In 2017 it is 500 years that Dr. Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. From here on, the Reformation movement changed the church, but also the social and political life in Europe and all around the World. There are many events coming up to celebrate the Reformation - in 2017, and far beyond.

Plan a vacation tour or study trip, and discover the wide variety of the Reformation movements in Europe. provides you with Ready-to-Book Jubilee Journeys. All tours are designed and conducted by Germany-based tour professionals in close cooperation with the Lutheran churches and the travel industry in Germany.

If you are representing a tour operator, book your land arrangements with Terra Lu Travel, the Germany-based specialists for tours in Terra Lutherana, Luther's land, and market the tour under your name to all churches in your area.
If you are a group leader, plan a tour for your church, your bible class, your school, your choir, your university: Get inspired by these itineraries, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to connect you with a professional tour operator in your area.
If you don't want to bring a group but like to make your own arrangements, build your trip with our recommendations along the Reformation sites.

All tours include transportation, lodging, program, and of course a visit at the Reformation sites. But being on-site in Germany, we can offer many additional services. Every tour will be branded for your company and can be individualized with different additional services. This includes meeting rooms in hotels, use of local churches for group's devotions, meetings with local congregations, servant Projects, Choir rehearsals, and the Speakers and Presenters

Celebrate the Reformation Jubilee at the places where it happened!



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All tours offered on this website are designed and conducted by Terra Lu Travel, the Germany-based specialists for travel in Terra Lutherana, Luther's land. Every tour can be individualized with different additional services, such as
• Providing group meeting rooms in hotels • Use of local churches for group's devotions • Supplies for Worship services, like Wine & Hosts • Meetings with local congregations and Pastors • Servant Projects in schools, kindergardens, and nursing homes • Choir rehearsals • Speakers and Presenters • Action activities like canoeing, biking, bicycling, Segway tours • Tickets for concerts and events • ... and many more. Just ask us, and we will take care!


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