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13 Days All Reformation Tour

Prague, Luther Sites, Berlin, Rhine Valley,
Strasbourg, Swiss Alps, Geneva, and many more places


Offer a tour to your clients which covers all important sites of the Reformation in Central Europe.

The first city your group will visit in Europe is Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. Here John Hus fought for a reformation of the church already 100 years before Martin Luther.
Upon your arrival at Prague Airport the group will be met by a waiting German deluxe motor coach and the tour director. A first orientation tour introduces the travelers to the Golden City of Prague. They walk through the Hradschin Castle district, take a look at St Veits Cathedral, cross Charles Bridge, and continue to the market place with the Astronomic clock and the Hus memorial. The welcome dinner tonight will be on a Vlatava River cruise.

Leaving Prague, the following days are focussed on the Reformation of Martin Luther. Based in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany, the group will see the cradle of the Reformation as well as other towns in the area. In Wittenberg they will tour the town where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Schlosskirche on October 31, 1517. In 1508, when Martin Luther came to Wittenberg, he lived in the Black Abbey - now known as the "Lutherhaus". It was here that he had his "Tower Experience" and first grasped the gift of faith by grace alone. Later, Luther lived here with his wife, Katharina von Bora, and their six children. After the guided tour the Wittenberg Coupons™ (exclusive by Terra Lu) offer free admission to all museums, exhibitions, and some other attractions in the center of Wittenberg.

Day excursions take the group to Leipzig and Berlin. It was in Leipzig where Johann Sebastian Bach served as cantor of the Thomas Choir, writing a new cantata for every Sunday. The group visits Thomas church with Bach's grave, passes the town hall with its marvellous Renaissance façade, walks through the historic malls, and reaches Nikolai church. From here East German protesters started to walk the Leipzig ring road with candles, bringing the East German regime to fall in 1989. In Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany, a tour with a local guide includes sights like the Reichstag parliament, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust memorial, and Berlin Cathedral. And of course the group will see remnants of the Berlin Wall - it's already 25 years since Berlin and Germany were reunited! The afternoon offers more possibilities for individual visits at museums in Berlin or for shopping at the Kurfürstendamm boulevard before travelling back to Wittenberg.

Eisleben, Erfurt, Wartburg Castle, and the town of Eisenach are the next stops in Luther's Country. In Eisleben, the town where Martin Luther was born and where he died, the group will see the little museum of Luther's birth house, visit St Peter and Paul where he was baptized, and St Andrew with the last original pulpit from Luther's times.
On to Erfurt in the afternoon, the town where Luther lived as a student before he joined the Augustinian monks. See the market place with the magnificent cathedral, stroll through the little streets with the rich timber framed buildings, cross the merchant's bridge, and visit the Augustinian monastery which Luther always called to be his spiritual home. Dinner tonight will be in a local, "medieval styled" restaurant.
It was at Wa
rtburg castle where Luther was hidden for his protection after the Diet of Worms, spending his time with translating the New Testament. Down the hill lies Eisenach, the town where Johann Sebastian Bach was born. Your group will visit the museum in his birth house and enjoy an introduction into Bach's life and work with historic music instruments.

Leaving Luther's Country, the next step of this tour through central Europe is the Rhine Valley. Dinner after arrival offers a taste of the regional wine. A day of leisure awaits your group as they enjoy a Rhine cruise, passing picturesque vineyards, romantic castles, and the famous Loreley cliff.

The group reaches Worms for a brief local walking tour to see the Reformation Monument. It was here, during the Imperial Diet in 1521, that Martin Luther challenged the entire Roman Catholic establishment by his refusal to recant the great doctrines of Protestantism. It was also here that William Tyndale completed the printing of his English version of the New Testament in 1525 which he had begun in Cologne. It was the first translation of the Bible from the original Greek into English - the first translation of a Greek book into English at all.

Strasbourg in France, the next stop, is also referred to as the "City of Hope" by the Anabaptists. Martin Bucer was a Reformation leader here and warmly welcomed John Calvin, who spent several years pastoring the French church and writing his famous books on systematic theology. The group's tour will include the Cathedral of Strasbourg with its amazing Astronomical Clock, St. Thomas' Church, the Statue of the Reformers in the University, and the historic "La Petite France" quarter. Some free time is provided in the Old Town Square where travelers may wish to try a tart flambé or sample "Backofen stew", or take a boat ride.

Switzerland is the fourth country visited on this trip. An en route stop includes Constance. In 1415, Reformer John Hus from Prague was called before the Council of Constance and sentenced to death. The group will visit the Hussenstein, which marks the spot where Hus was burned at the stake, as well as the historic Council building. From 2014- 2018, Constance celebrates the 600 years anniversary of the Council with many exhibitions and events.

The tour continues on to Zurich. Here the group meets up with a local expert guide who will accompany them as they learn about Huldrych Zwingli on a tour of the key Reformation sites in Zurich - including Zwingli's church (the Grossmünster), the Zwingli Statue, and the Helferei (where Zwingli lived). An overnight stay will be in the Kappel monastery, where Zwingli ended his life during a battle.

Travelling southbound the motor coach reaches the Alps. An en route stop is made in the charming town of Lucerne, beginning with a brief walking tour to view the Lake front and famous covered wooden bridges. The Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge) is a symbol of Lucerne and dates back to the 14th century.

After all these long travels the group will be happy about a relaxing day in a little village inmidst the Alps. A number of excursions are possible from here, including a drive through Lauterbrunnen Valley, a ride in Europe's steepest cog railroad to Pilatus peak, or a visit at the "Top of Europe" Jungfrau Joch. Mountain railways, cable cars, and hiking options guarantee an exciting day surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of towering mountains.

Travelling along Lake Geneva the group finally reaches Geneva. The center of the calvinistic Reformation, our tour of Geneva will include Cathedral St. Pierre, where John Calvin taught for many years. Of course the International Museum of the Reformation will be visited as well as the Reformation Monument with 5-metre statues of four Reformation leaders: Theodore Beza, John Calvin, William Farel, and John Knox.
The end of the "All Reformation Tour" will be celebrated with a festive Farewell dinner tonight.

Package includes:

Private motor coach from Prague Airport to Geneva Airport (modern coach with reclining seats, A/C, bathroom, video/DVD), incl. road taxes, bus miles, bus parking on scheduled tour sites, incl. accommodation and meals driver
  Experienced, bilingual TERRA LU tour director, the friendly host for the group
  Hotel category of your choice
  Breakfast every morning, number of dinners of your choice
  Dinner in hotels or at dedicated places like a Vlatava River cruise, a "medieval" restaurant, a wine taste, and a festive Farewell dinner.
  Tours with tour director and/or local guides at all visited places
  Admission fees to all visited Castles, Churches, and Museums
  Rhine River cruise

This itinerary is a sample, based on tours we planned for groups. But no two Terra Lu tours are the same. Our proposal for you might be different, depending on time of travel and availability of services.

Please request a customized quote for your group!

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